Tips For Choosing a Drill Press

drill press bitA drill press can come in handy when you need to bore spaced holes as well as holes or accurate depth in stone and wood. As such, this piece of equipment should certainly be among your home tools collection.

This versatile tool, with its different bits and accessories, can serve an array of purposes and can even double as a spindle sander or a mortise machine. When shopping for a drill press, here are some tips that will help you make the right purchase.

Pick the Right Model

Generally, there are two model variations: the floor model and the bench top. The latter mounts onto a stand or a workbench and is ideal for small projects. The floor model is ideal for heavy-duty work.

They have a bigger range of accessories and consist of powerful motors which make them perfect for commercial projects. Reading drill press reviews is a great way to find the best model press for your needs.

Consider the Various Features

You should shop for a drill press depending on the type of projects you will most likely handle in the future. Look for features that enable you to use the tool efficiently. For instance, consider the horsepower(HP), which determines the maximum power that the drill’s motor can produce.

Most of the drill presses come with an HP of around ¼ to 1HP. If you want to bore holes through tough material like concrete, you will certainly need higher HP.

You should ideally check on variable speeds, which are responsible for the diameter of the holes drilled into a material without causing damage. Pick a drill press that features speed settings as it makes it more versatile.

Ideally, consider the center drilling capacity of the device so that you’ll be able to get holes in the proper size.

What about the Accessories?

A drill press is obviously incomplete without its accessories. At the same time, you need to ascertain that the drill press you pick is compatible with the accessories you will need.

The extras might seem unnecessary at the moment, especially if you are a novice, but they become a necessity as you become more proficient. A few essential accessories include sanding drums, fences, planer heads, as well as mortising attachments.

If you are unfamiliar with using a drill press, here is a great YouTube video that gives an overview:

Drill bits are undoubtedly the most important in the bunch, and a general rule of thumb is to get bits of varying types and sizes. Steel bits are excellent for hardwood drilling, while the cobalt type are ideal for heavy-duty drilling.

Other options include high-speed steel drill bits and titanium coated bits. Pick the bits without a rush to ensure they are of excellent quality.